The Affiliate Program
Refer a friend = play for free + make money!

We actively encourage you to introduce your family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues. This not only helps to increase your chances of winning Lottery prizes, but means you will benefit from ongoing commission too.

You Play We Play has grown from strength to strength through word of mouth referrals, in-line with genuine consumer demand. You can safely say that any person, aged 16 or above, who plays the Lottery is a genuine prospect wanting to increase their chances of winning the Lottery.
Contract The Reward
You Play We Play is always giving you more chances to win and our groundbreaking Refer A Friend promotion is no different!

For every friend you refer you will receive a commission on every ticket they purchase! And if that isn't generous enough, we're also giving you and your friends a Multi Level Bonus. This means for every friend each of your friends refer, you will receive an additional commission on every ticket purchased, upto 6 friend levels deep! The more friends you refer, the more you earn AND the greater your chance of getting a stake in an international lottery jackpot!

  •    •    Level 1 - 20%
  •    •    Level 2 - 6%
  •    •    Level 3 - 4%
  •    •    Level 4 - 4%
  •    •    Level 5 - 4%
  •    •    Level 6 - 4%
Contract How It Works
  1. Mike refers Antony to the Lottery Syndicate by using one of the many tools available in your dedicated Affiliate Center.
  2. Antony clicks a link, signs up and buys a lottery ticket for Saturday night's UK Lotto draw.
  3. Instantly, Mike's account is credited with 20% commission. (How easy was that?)
  4. Antony refers Sarah and also recieves a 20% commission. Because Mike, Antony and Sarah all refered each other, Mike also recieves an instant Level 2 Bonus of 6% to his account, without lifting a finger!
  5. Remember that lottery ticket Antony bought? To make their week even better, Antony wins BIG in the UK Lotto draw... they hit the multi-million pound jackpot! Both Mike and Sarah share the same Lottery Syndicate as Antony and all scoop the jackpot!
Contract Business Opportunity
Deep Integration
  •    •    You will have access to an application that integrates into the Facebook profile, News Feed, and everything else Facebook users regularly enjoy.
  •    •    Deep integration into Facebook helps to constantly promote to an already established target audience, illustrating the benefits of our groundbreaking application, so you don't have to - it sells itself!

Build A Business - It's your turn to get in on a piece of the action...
  •    •    Gain the "First Mover Advantage" on this Facebook revolution and ultimate opportunity!
  •    •    Discover a market growing four times faster than the Internet itself.
  •    •    Learn how to play the lottery effectively for free via a social networking site.
  •    •    Be one of the first to learn how this powerful business, using a simple system, could earn you a residual income - besides increasing your chance of a stake in an international lottery jackpot!

Mass Distribution - Harness the power of the social graph!
  •    •    With millions of users and billions of connections between each, Facebook is growing every day.
  •    •    The online gaming market is HUGE. Marketing reports talk in millions of people and billions of dollars.
  •    •    Social networking sites are amongst the top visited sites on the Internet today.
  •    •    Imagine getting paid everytime a friend you, or one of your friends, introduced plays the lottery!
  •    •    The average Facebook user (as of 2010) has 400 friends...
    How many do they each have?

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