PhD in Ecology


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Post-doctoral position

Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences
Department of Botany
Lai 40
Tartu 51005

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Research interesting 

I am interested in understanding species distribution patterns at large spatial scales.

During my PhD, I was focus on the taxonomic and functionnal diversity facets of freshwater fish accross the world. I used global databases on fish spatial distribution and ecomorphological traits to understand the determinants of fish functional diversity and to quantify the impact of human activities at river basin and realm scales. 

I am developing statistical models and biodiversity indices in R software. 


- Handling with large databases
- Macroecology and biodiversity indices (alpha- and beta-diversity indices)
- R software programation : statistical tools, graphics


- Licence 3. Ecologie & Biologie Quantitative. TD indices de biodiversité. University Paul-Sabatier. Toulouse 3.
- Licence 3. Ecologie & Biologie Quantitative. TP Application des indices de biodiversité aux données expérimentales. University Paul-Sabatier. Toulouse 3.  
- Licence 2. Introduction aux Biostatistiques. TD. University Paul-Sabatier. Toulouse 3.

Student supervision

- Adrien Solacroup. Master 1. University Paul-Sabatier. Toulouse 3. Caracterisation de la variabilité intra spécifique chez des communautés de poissons de Guyane et d'Europe. Jan-Avr 2014.


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